Solutions for the broken world

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189. Concerning Violence

  How can we give the next step beyond avenging the crimes on the past and redeem ourselves to create a new starting point for humanity?  Discussing the Documentary Concerning Violence “Concerning Violence is...

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187. Merchants of Doubt

When we rely on ‘Experts’ to tell us what we should or should not consume, we place blind trust on possibly paid by big corporations voices that sell us what they are paid to...

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186. The Death of Jaime Roldós

  Find out what happens when a president decides to say No to war and its exorbitant expenses. If individuals that genuinely try to make a change in this world get killed or removed...

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26. Terrorism 101: 9/11 Legacy

Because an Educated and Self Responsible Society is the Key to End All Wars DAWN: Democracy Against War Now From James Corbett of the Corbett Report: Interview 940 – RE2 Podcast: The...

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25. Why are Higher Wages Win Win Solution?

  Why are higher wages a Win-Win Solution? | Living Income’s Notes  Living Income Guaranteed:   If audio doesn’t play, try here: Why are Higher Wages Win Win Solution?