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189. Concerning Violence

  How can we give the next step beyond avenging the crimes on the past and redeem ourselves to create a new starting point for humanity?  Discussing the Documentary Concerning Violence “Concerning Violence is...

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186. The Death of Jaime Roldós

  Find out what happens when a president decides to say No to war and its exorbitant expenses. If individuals that genuinely try to make a change in this world get killed or removed...

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26. Terrorism 101: 9/11 Legacy

Because an Educated and Self Responsible Society is the Key to End All Wars DAWN: Democracy Against War Now From James Corbett of the Corbett Report: Interview 940 – RE2 Podcast: The...

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15. Violence Begets Violence

War No More: Democracy Against War Now: Join the Group: Education for the Robot Human: The Joke is on You!   If audio doesn’t play, try here: Violence Begets Violence