Solutions for the broken world

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22. The Elite is Not Our Enemy

  Discussing the blog: The Elite is not The Enemy but our Wake Up Call to Global Change by Eleonora Gozzini Living Income Proposal:   If audio doesn’t play, try here: The Elite...

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20. Movie Mammoth and Global Awareness

  Talking about the non-mainstream topics in the Movie Mammoth and why it is not your regular Hollywood flick   If audio doesn’t play, try here: Movie Mammoth and Global Awareness  

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18. The Spiral of Silence

  Discussing on The Spiral of Silence: Apathy and Isolation in the face of Mainstream/Majority trends. Vlog by Gabriel Aceves La Espiral del Silencio Read more about the Spiral of Silence here:

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17. Propaganda: Because YOU NEED THIS!

  Why do we NEED to buy x to feel x way? The Century of the Self Documentary: No More Following Your Dream   If audio doesn’t play, try here: Propaganda: Because...

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15. Violence Begets Violence

War No More: Democracy Against War Now: Join the Group: Education for the Robot Human: The Joke is on You!   If audio doesn’t play, try here: Violence Begets Violence

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14. World War is a Psywar on TV

Discussing the Documentary “Double Take” by Johan Grimonprez and the Cold-War Scenario propagated by the TV in America at the time – Very timely for our current media-war situation   Psywar : Full Documentary...

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13. Technology: For the Best or For the Worst

Why do we focus on curbing ‘the powers that be’ through alternative systems such as crypto currencies or encrypting systems instead of focusing on integrating technology that we can all use for the betterment...