Solutions for the broken world

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42. From Zero Sum to Win-Win

  How to go from self-interest to common-interest, sustainable and win-win solutions in our current zero-sum reality. Leila Zamora Moreno’s blog: Baby Economicus | Parenting & Fairness  What is the Living Income Guaranteed?  Living...

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40. Memories: To Forget or Forgive

  Are our memories preventing us from genuinely living life? Discussing the Documentary EL LUGAR MÁS PEQUEÑO / THE TINIEST PLACE Mexico, 2011/3 To the first steps on how to Self-Forgive:   If...

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38. US Gets Hands On Syria

  A year ago, we prevented war – but this time we all fell for the #ISIL excuse.and US strikes its 7th country in 6 years  Let’s focus on preventing war from being created...