Solutions for the broken world


88. La Dictadura se volvió Imperfecta

Llamado a una real revolución de consciencia y toma de responsabilidad de uno mismo, no de desbancar ‘poderes’ La Jornada: ¡EPN debe irse! La dictadura se volvió imperfecta  Ingreso de Vida Garantizado – La...


87. Decriminalization of Drugs

Instead of spending Billions on ‘The War on Drugs’ let’s rather use those billions to provide a Living Income and guaranteed access to a dignified living Going Underground: decriminalise drugs   Drug Legalization, Criminalization,...


85. Interstellar

  Is Life about ‘Saving’ ourselves? Is this life about going to other worlds to preserve humanity in other worlds? What have we missed in our eternal quest to ‘save a life’ that we...