Solutions for the broken world


73. Life 2.0: Second Life Documentary

What happens when we create our ‘alter egos’ in Virtual Reality? How much of ‘Real Life’ changes when we are ‘free to do whatever we want’ in Virtual reality? Watch: Life 2.0 – Second...


70. Print the Legend

What determines the potential of our creations is the intention and the purpose that we use them for Discussing the Documentary: “Print the Legend” Main Trailer – Netflix [HD]   Cody Wilson on RT...


69. Is Porn Freedom of Choice?

Discussion with Eleonora Gozzini on why Porn is Not a Freedom of Choice or Sexual Liberation but Mind Control in fact. Masturbation and Porn Addictions Porn+Alt+Delete Facebook Page: Porn Addicts Journey to Life...


68. Doing Good = Uncool?

Why is it a cultural belief that ‘doing good’/constructive things = being uncool or nerdy? 423. Proof that I’ve been Mind Controlled     If audio doesn’t play, try here: Doing Good = Uncool?


65. Life Honoring Culture

A Change in Consciousness is Required to Change the World, but what does That exactly mean? Referred material: Disposable Life – Henry Giroux on Vimeo Disposable Life – Henry Giroux from HISTORIES OF VIOLENCE...