Solutions for the broken world

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20. Movie Mammoth and Global Awareness

  Talking about the non-mainstream topics in the Movie Mammoth and why it is not your regular Hollywood flick     If audio doesn’t play, try here: Movie Mammoth and Global Awareness...

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18. The Spiral of Silence

  Discussing on The Spiral of Silence: Apathy and Isolation in the face of Mainstream/Majority trends. Vlog by Gabriel Aceves La Espiral del Silencio Read more about the Spiral of Silence here:

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17. Propaganda: Because YOU NEED THIS!

  Why do we NEED to buy x to feel x way? The Century of the Self Documentary: No More Following Your Dream     If audio doesn’t play, try here: Propaganda:...

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15. Violence Begets Violence

War No More: Democracy Against War Now: Join the Group: Education for the Robot Human: The Joke is on You!       If audio doesn’t play, try here: Violence Begets...

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14. World War is a Psywar on TV

Discussing the Documentary “Double Take” by Johan Grimonprez and the Cold-War Scenario propagated by the TV in America at the time – Very timely for our current media-war situation     Psywar : Full...