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57. Frack Us! and Prioritizing Life

Discussing #FrackUs! Documentary and the Aftermath of us living in lala land and dismissing Living Priorities GASLAND – FRACKING FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY Vinay Gupta – Resilience Guru | London Real Common Concerns about the...


56. Predictive Programming and Utopia Ending

Discussing Channel 4 Utopia series with Anna Brix Thomsen  Join the Reddit discussion on this podcast: Interesting podcast about Utopia Ending and Predictive Programming Utopia Series: Important Scene discussed   The Ebola Effect: Hyping...


54. Utopia Show Cancelled

C4 Utopia conspiracy thriller drama got cancelled: what I learned and why I suggest watching this series and its uncanny resemblance to current world events Utopia TV Series: Fact or Fiction?  ...